Aggregate Logs & Analyze Events

Centralize your logs in one place instead of tailing one file at a time. Aggregate, search & filter from all your hosts and apps. See related events across your infrastructure on one screen.

Powerful Search & Alerts

With our blazing fast speeds, search like a pro and set up alerts with just a few clicks. Easily send important event notifications through email, Slack, or even a custom webhook.

Easy Setup

Get up and running in mere minutes! Spend that saved time building your awesome product instead.

Automatic Field Parsing

Search for specific fields and values automatically picked up from common log formats, such as JSON, Redis, HTTP access logs, and a whole host of others.

Debug & Troubleshoot Faster

Diagnose issues, chase down server errors and look up customer activity, fast! Use live streaming tail to instantly surface hard-to-find bugs.

Modern User Interface

Filter, search, live tail, jump back in time, create views and alerts, all from one interface without leaving the page.

Getting started after deploying LogDNA

  1. Integrate the LogDNA library for your language

  2. SSO into LogDNA’s web app

  3. Follow these instructions to add a log source to LogDNA.

Support Details

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