Reliably High-Performance

MemCachier is a completely new memcache implementation built from the ground up to perform well in the cloud.

Scale With Ease

Our production plans can be scaled instantly with a single command from you. No loss of data, just scale up or down as your application needs change.

High Availability

All production cache’s are replicated and spread over many servers. If a node fails, you’re instantly switched to a new server for uninterrupted service.

Analytics Dashboard

Our analytics dashboard gives you usage insights to help you get more out of your cache. We also support integration with New Relic.

Expert Support

All plans come with support from memcache experts. You’ll speak directly with engineers who’ve built the service. Contact us via email, gchat, irc or phone!

Proven Team & Technology

We've been in production since 2012 and support over 30,000 customers

Getting started after deploying MemCachier

  1. Select a client library from the Memcachier documentation

  2. Copy your API credentials from our dashboard

  3. Configure the client with your credentials

  4. Start setting and getting values from your application

Support Details

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