Monitor App Health

Track response times by tier (ActiveRecord, Redis, MongoDB, etc), throughput, queue time, error rates, and more with zero configuration.

Database Query Analysis

Scout hunts down expensive N+1 queries, tracks the number of ActiveRecord rows returned, and compares slow queries against their performance in faster requests.

Memory Leak Detection

Scout continually monitors your app for requests that trigger large memory increases and pinpoints memory hotspots in your code.

GitHub CodeView

Go beyond backtraces - with Scout’s GitHub integration, view relevant slow lines of code, authors, and commit dates inline with your slow transaction traces.

Weekly Performance Digest

Scout analyzes your app for performance trends and outliers and emails you a summary every week.

Getting started after deploying Scout

  1. Select a language agent from the Scout documentation

  2. Copy your API credentials from our dashboard

  3. Configure the agent to instrument your application

  4. Start your application

  5. Monitor your application from the Scout dashboard

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